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Admission Score to the University of Danang in 2018

The University of Danang announces the admission score to the member colleges in 2017 based on the results of the national high-school examimation and the academic records.


School Code
Major Code

Major Mame

Admission Score

Additional Conditions

I DDS UNIVERSITY OF   EDUCATION                                  
2 52140211 Teacher Physics 17.00 PHY >= 6.0 ; MATH >= 5.0 ; Aspiration Order <= 2

Admission Information for 2018

In 2018, the Faculty of Physics, University of Education - The University of Danang admits totally ... undergraduate students. General information is as follows:

1. Requirements:

- Candidates participating in the 2018 national high-school graduation examination and being graduated from high school in 2018;

- Candidates graduated from high school before 2018: take the 2018 national high-school graduation examimation and have exam papers suitable for the admission.

2. Enrollment Area: the whole country.

3. Enrollment Method:

- All majors: based on the results of the national high-school examination in 2018.

- Admission Score:

Admission Score = Total Score of 3 Subjects (in combination with corresponding coefficients).

The Score of Priority is followed the current undegraduate admission regulations.
4. Quota : 

No. Major Major Code Quota  Combination
1 Teacher Physics 7140211  

Math + Physics + Chemistry

Math + Physic + English


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