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                                   THE UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION
                                            FALCUTY OF PHYSICS
                                              Development Strategy
                               The 2015-2020 period and vision to 2030

I. Status of Falcuty of Physics : 
1.1.  The organization and management of the faculty 
 - Number of Staff : 24. Include : 2 Assoc. Professor , 9 PhD. , 03 PhD. Student , 08 MS. , 02 Bachelor .
 - Currently there are 04 division : 
    + Division of Theoretical Physics
    + Division of Materials Science
    + Division of General Physics 
    + Division of Teaching Methods 
Lecturers are responsible for construction, the content of training programs.

1.2. Training 
- The Faculty is responsible for training Teacher Physics, Bachelor of Physics in Telecommunications and Master of Teaching Method in Physics. In addition, the faculty also teaches General Physics to the member of UD : University of Technology, University of Technology and Education, College of Information Technology. The Faculty has trained thousands of graduates who have jobs, and more than 100 after-graduate students. At present, the faculty manages more than 300 students, more than 100 after-graduate students, and teaches thousands of students at the member universities of the University of Danang.

1.3. Scientific research 
- Over the past five years, Falcuty of Physics has tested five ministerial and state-level projects, including over 50 articles in international scientific journals in the ISI category. In addition, FOP also chairs and co-ordinates seminars, workshops at Viet Nam and abroad.

1.4. Resources : 
- Facilities: Including a faculty office, a seminar room and a system of 10 laboratories.
- Alumni: the number of graduates to the present time about 1000 currently teaching at the high school, junior high school as well as doing the teaching work at universities and colleges in the country.
- Sources of funding: The Faculty is sponsored by the Alumni, UD,  UED, ...  From the alumni annually for students with academic excellence. .

2.1. Strategic objectives

2.1.1. Overall objectives 
- Continue renovating teaching methods in a thorough and effective manner, training in association with social demands, increasing investment in practical equipment and experiments, raising the capacity of scientific research and fostering of teacher , develop international cooperation in all aspects in order to create high-quality human resources to meet the demand in the Central Highlands and the whole country.
2.2.2. Specific objectives
a. Training : 
No. Specialized name Year Education level
1 Physics Teaching Methods 2019 PhD
2 Theoretical Physics 2020 Master
3 Materials Physics 2020 Master
4 Infomation Technology for Physics 2022 Bachelor

b. Objectives of scientific research
No. Name of target 2015-2020 2020-2025 2025-2030
1 The ratio of staff completed Scientific Research 40% - 60% 60% - 80% 90%
2 Number of articles / staff / year 2 3 4
3 Number of articles in the ISI category 10 12 15
4 Number of articles at all levels 4 8-10 10-15

c. The goal of developing the teaching staff
In 2015
No. Division No. of staff Structure of the faculty Service staff Lectures are training
Prof. , Assoc. Prof.  PhD MS. Bachelor MS. Eng. PhD MS.
1 Teching Methods 7 1 2 3 1     1  
2 Theoreticals Physics  5   2 1       2  
3 Materials Science 7   2 5       4  
4 General Physics 6   1 4 1   1   1
5 Secretary 1       1        

In 2018 
No. Division No. of staff Structure of the faculty Service staff Lectures are training
Prof. , Assoc. Prof.  PhD MS. Bachelor MS. Eng. PhD MS.
1 Teching Methods 6 1 2 3   1   2  
2 Theoreticals Physics  5 1 3 1          
3 Materials Science 7   4 3       3  
4 General Physics 5   1 3 1   1   1
5 Secretary 1       1        

In 2020 
No. Division Study abroad Country New recruitment to 2020 In future
PhD Master
1 Teching Methods 2   Viet Nam 1 2
2 Theoreticals Physics 0     1 2
3 Materials Science 2   Korea, Viet Nam 1 1
4 General Physics 1   Japan 1 1
  Total 5     4 6

2.3. Strategic solutions 
a. General solution
Thoroughly create favorable conditions for cadres to learn to improve their foreign language and specialize. Developing an open and friendly environment for teaching and research, changing the awareness of teachers about the scientific research work of the teacher, enhancing cooperative relations with departments, enterprises and universities in foreign. Proactively seek financial resources for faculty activities.
b. Some main solutions to achieve the goal
- Organizing the renovation of management  in faculties, divisions and laboratories in the direction of initiative and self-responsibility
- Developing and managing the staff of managers / lecturers: To create favorable conditions for staff in the academic field, to raise their quality and send their cadres to study at prestigious schools.
- Continue to renovate the training; programmatic adaptation to social needs, innovation in teaching methods and methods for evaluating performance in working groups.
- Improve the quality of postgraduate training and teacher training
- Research work: Encouraging and rewarding staffs with high achievements in scientific research, encouraging young cadres to sign scientific subjects, regularly organizing seminars and conferences, seminars inside and outside. to deepen the cooperation and information exchange.
- Continue to build, exploit the lab effectively, complete the Faculty website in both Vietnamese and English.


                                                                                                           NGUYEN VAN HIEU


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