Emotions when you are about to be a graduate student in physics of you Vo Tran Nguyen 14CVL class

Friday - 14/09/2018 05:34
Emotions when you are about to be a graduate student in physics of you Vo Tran Nguyen 14CVL class
I am going to be a former student, a true tribute to my memories here, under the roof of the Department of Physics dear!
Emotions when you are about to be a graduate student in physics of you Vo Tran Nguyen 14CVL class
In that year's college entrance exam, I signed up for physical education, and fell! I am extremely disappointed. But after hearing clear and concrete advice, the physics majors will have 64% of the same pedagogical program, the remaining 36% in electronics majors, can study parallel degree pedagogy and graduate school, I registered and became a Physics student. 
With a salvaged ticket, I hugged my mood, but things did not last long. With the majors in electronics and telecommunication technology, right from the 1st year, we have had seminars with big companies, to learn about the field of study in reality, how will we be able to do what job Have a look, contact us, our view is specific and clear.
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 With the intensive curriculum, the class becomes more lively and engaging than ever! I enjoyed the experiment, tinkering things. 
Not only in the laboratory, we are also looking into the practicality of how the system works, how it works. Experts are meticulous, in particular, very receptive. This is a place that gives us a real view of our field, making me reassured with this choice, no longer wary of questions of output and employment opportunities.
With real field trips to companies and well-equipped basics throughout the year 1. To the 2,3th year we began to acquire advanced knowledge of electronic engineering, IC design from chip design to logic level design with transistors along with skill training classes, hardware design as well as integration between hardware and software. This is a new discipline. The Faculty of Physics has also equipped modern electronic laboratories for teaching and learning such as telecommunication laboratory, electronic laboratory, microprocessor, and this is one of the achievements that after 4 years I have done:
And above all, I love this lecture. This roof, common roof, this class, family close. Months passed, I and my friends grew up together, joined together. The memories in each Physics Festival fun, entertainment, camping ... will forever be beautiful memories. Now, teachers, university educators, overseas students, research institute people, managers ... All over the place will be marked by our team of physics. And we go everywhere, we will always be grateful to the teaching efforts of teachers, sincere friends. Thanks Physics for giving me a broader and more beautiful path than I expected. Do not hesitate to hesitate, please cherish this opportunity right from the beginning, you will be met worthy!

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