The sharing of Alumni Le Thi Kim Ngan 13CVL_Is working in the technical department of Vietnam Airlines, Da Nang International Airport

Monday - 23/07/2018 13:41
The sharing of Alumni Le Thi Kim Ngan 13CVL_Is working in the technical department of Vietnam Airlines, Da Nang International Airport
I am Le Thi Kim Ngan, student of 13CVL Physics. Currently working in the technical department of Vietnam Airlines, Da Nang International Airport.
I write these lines as deep gratitude to the Department of Physics, Danang University of Education and my respected teachers! Thank you for giving me the opportunity and the foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence to get me now. This is also my sincere sharing to you and will be students of Physics in Physics Department.
Five years ago, when I entered the field of physics, I was a temporary shelter, in the true sense! I just want to have a place in the lecture hall, staying there so that I do not have to drop out of college, and wait for the exam again next year. I still think it's too funny but it's too much magic! What in this hall have kept me at that time, and lifted me to success today? I will reveal to you right here!
First comes the expertise. Physics gives us a foundation of knowledge in physics and related specializations related to electrical and electronics, telecommunication systems, measurement, control ... The program has many subjects associated with reality. From the first year, we were able to visit, study and experience in companies and businesses, witnessing and practicing practical lessons. There are also specialized laboratories in the faculty, enabling us to practice on the spot the knowledge learned, to understand the lessons more. Now, I realize that these are opportunities for me to acquire important knowledge and skills, which help a lot for my current job.
Attending school may seem a little dry, but also because the teachers are very enthusiastic, teacher said: the more you ask, who asked more that he learned himself, to ask more teachers! In addition to learning to learn, play, learn, this club, it is very interesting. Union, Student Association happy, energetic, just to get into that air, you will be active and grow up a lot. I am not shy anymore, more mature, more mature. Later on, when I went to work, I learned about the screams of the movement, the events of organizing the event for the class, for the faculty that previously meant to me. These small activities give me the skills and confidence that help me a lot in my work now. In particular, the hard-earned English in college has helped me overcome many of my competitors to get a job. What more to expect in a lecture hall if not these practical things?
There are times when I'm tired of being depressed and really creepy about the future, I complained to you: So I buried my youth here, the future does not know how, there are jobs or not ?! Fortunately, he gave me kindly encouragement and simple advice: there is always a problem, unless you are a good person, will never be redundant! So I believe in him, continue to study and work hard. And then the opportunity came, I qualified to be selected for a short course Japanese course. This course is a stepping stone for me, both professional and in English. Thanks to that I have the opportunity to excel over everyone, is a great advantage when applying for a job. Every year, the Faculty of Physics has a program to send students to study in Korea and Japan, you can rest assured effort, you can fully go to school and win the scholarship to graduate in the university. Universities such as Osaka (Japan), Inha (Korea) ...
In my experience, the employment opportunities of physics are really open. Now my class is "covered" everywhere! On a few occasions, I passed 10 rounds of interviews to work at an airport technical team, you go to teach, you do VNPT, you do research work, you go to study abroad ... I also plan to go to the world to learn, because the world is now a flat world, every frontier will no longer be a barrier to our feet, if we really have power. Looking back on the first few moments, I also did not expect to be able to complete such a finish!
 Nowadays, jobs everywhere are difficult, but good people will always have a place. You are a student of Physics Oh! Do not worry about it. Just take care and act, study hard to improve English, yourself going forward, certain opportunities will come to those who prepared. I am really grateful to the teacher encouraged me at discouraged, thank me at that time knew the teacher that strive, the new me of today! You are about to be a new student! You are like me before, very creepy and full of hesitation before too many choices and considerations. Hope this pair of confidences of mine can help you have a clearer view to choose faithfully. Wish you soon make decisions and choose the appropriate field. Wherever you study, always be a good person, you will get where you want!

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