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Physicals Club

Physicals Club
                            Regulation of the Physicals Club
The club is organized to broaden the horizons, to understand the culture, science and technology, work-loving education, ethical awareness, comprehensive development of creative abilities and talents. of human. The Physical Club is a good condition for individuals interested in physics to have an environment that fosters their abilities and contributes scientific and technical products to science and engineering examinations.

- Head of the club: organize the club.

- Vice-Chairpersons: support for club manager.

- Club secretary: record the activities of the events, and put on the club's facebook page, manage club members list.

- Advisory Board: all faculty of Faculty of Physics, College of Education - DHDN.

Club Members: Faculty students and non-faculty love physics, can be organized into groups in each class and have the nucleus of the group to lead the group. Members of the club participate in a voluntary spirit.

- Expenses: donations from members, and funding from the faculty and the school.

- The club's activities are conducted at the school level.

- Activities: 1 Saturday in the last week of the month.

- Location: Physical Laboratory + Hall + School Ground.

- Main activities include:
+ Methods of learning physics.

+ Organize discussions, talk topics on the issues of physics associated with real life. Examples: Astronomy, robotics, solar powered cars, water rockets, ...

Organize discussions about physical exercises.

Introduction to the history of physics and the great physicists.

+ Introduce the application of physics into science and technology.

+ Tutorials for experiments and physical toys.

+ Organize contests between groups or classes as test instruments, solving exercises and making physics model toys.
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