Learning Outcomes

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The program learning outcomes (PLOs) of the Physics Teacher Education (PTE) program include knowledge, skills and attitudes that PTE students are expected to achieve before graduating as :

1. apply knowledge of Mathematics and Physics to professional work, 
2. design and implement physics experiments, 
3. apply teaching theory to teaching at high school, 
4. organize activities of teaching Physics and Natural Science, 
5. organize educational activities and manage students at high school, 
6. use IT applications in study and work, 
7. communicate effectively, 
8. work in teams efficiently, 
9. engage in lifelong learning, 
10. be aware of professional ethics and national development orientation.

Mapping Table of Program Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes


Mapping Table of Curiculum Clusters and Learning Outcomes
Courses   CLOs
Credits 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE                      
The basic principles of Marxism-Leninism (1) 2           L L     H
The basic principles of Marxism-Leninism (2) 3           L L     H
Ho Chi Minh Thought 2           L L     H
Revolutionary policies of the Vietnam communist party 3           L L     H
General Informatics 2           H L L    
English A2.1 3             H   M  
English A2.2 4             H   M  
General law 2           L L     H
Physical Education 1 (1)                    
Physical Education 2 (1)                    
Physical Education 3 (1)                    
Physical Education 4 (1)                    
Physical Education 5 (1)                    
National Defense Education (4t)                    
TOTAL CREDITS OF THE CLUSTER 21                    
UNDERLYING KNOWLEDGE                      
Higher Mathematics 1 4 H           L   M  
Higher Mathematics 2 4 H           L   M  
General Chemistry 3 M           M M L  
General Biology 2  M            M    L  
CORE KNOWLEDGE                      
Mathematics for Physics 3 H             M M  
Mechanics 4 H         L L H M  
Thermodynamics 4 H         L L H M  
Electricity and Magnetism 4 H         L M H M  
Optics 3 H         L H L M  
Atomic and Nuclear Physics 3 H         H H M M  
Oscillation and Mechanics Wave 2 H         L M M M  
Theoretical Mechanics 3 H         L L L M  
Classical Electrodynamics 3 H         L M M L  
Statistical Physics 2 H         L M M H  
Solid State Physics 3 H           L M L  
Quantum Mechanics 3 H           L M L  
Astrophysics 2 H           L M L  
General Physics Experiments 1 2 M H       M H H M  
General Physics Experiments 2 2 M H       M H H M  
General Physics Experiments 3 2 M H       M H H M  
TOTAL CREDITS OF THE CLUSTER 56                    
EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL                      
State Administrative and Educational Management 2          M          L
Integrated Teaching of Sciences (Physics) 3  M            
Pedagogical Psychology 4            L    
Pedagogical Theory 3         H      M    
Psychological education Practice 2          H   M    
Pedagogical Communication 2          H      
Methodology of Scientific Research (Physics) 2           L H M H  
Theories of Physics Teaching 3     H L     L H L  
Analysis and development of High-School Physics Program 3     H H            
Methodology and Technology of  Physics Teaching 3     L     H M H M  
High-School Physics Experiments 3 M H   M     H M L  
Testing and Assessment in Physics Teaching 2     H M   H   M M  
Physics Teaching Practice (at UED) 3     H H   L H   L  
Internship 1 3 M L H H H M H L M H
Internship 2 3 M L H H H M H L M H
TOTAL CREDITS OF THE CLUSTER 43                    
SELECTIVE COURSES                      
Sexual education methods 2         H   L   L  
Academic Counselling Skills 2         H   L   L  
Methodology of Solving High-School Physics Problems 2 M   M L     L   M  
Informatics for Physics 2  M         H H M M  
Applications of informatics in  Physics Teaching 2 M         H M M M  
Electrical engineering 2 M           L M L  
Basic Electronics 3  M          M      L  
Introductory to Physics Teacher Education 2      M  L      
English for Physics 2              M  L  H  
Atomic Spectra Structure 2 H           L M L  
Optical Communications 2 H           L M L  
Spectral Equipment & Analysis 2 H           L M L  
Nano Physics 2 H           L M L  
Semiconductor Physics 2 H           L M L  
Capstone Project 6  H  M
TOTAL CREDITS OF THE CLUSTER 35                    

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